Waist Training Corset For Weight Loss

Waist Training Corset For Weight Loss

Waist Training Corset For Weight Loss – On average, the FDA estimates $60 billion dollars are spent on diet “essentials”, such as pills and shakes, per year by Americans. They also predict there over 1 billion overweight people globally. The problem though is that not many people lose weight by these “fad” diets. In fact, some even gain weight on them, such as Weight Watchers, who use a point based system instead of calories. And as for people with BED (Binge Eating Disorder), weight loss as become impossible. Recently, personal trainers, gurus, and even regular people have sworn by this one new item as a way to trim the stomach, help with portion and weight control. They have been using a waist training corset for their weight loss.

Waist Training Corset For Weight Loss

The most basic definition of a corset is a plastic or steel boned restricting garment that wraps around the midsection. The idea is to gently squeeze the midsection into an hourglass shape over time, pain-free. Celebrities such as Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian swear by these, and can even be seen wearing them out and about on several occasions. They are now sold in many stores and are frequently advertised as a diet free way to lose weight.


Waist Trainers, also known as corsets, have many advantages besides trimming the body into an attractive hourglass shape. When worn correctly, they are known to correct posture, back, and abdominal support, and a means of portion control. The boning in the corset helps bring up the user’s posture and stops slouching. It also reminds the consumer to use those abdominal muscles during the day. The restriction around the abdomen doesn’t allow for much stomach stretching, if any, and helps people not overeat, which can lead to weight loss. The garment also promotes sweating around the tummy area, which helps with tummy swelling as well as getting rid of water weight.


As always, if used incorrectly, the corset can come with risks. But ONLY if used incorrectly. Some consumers tend to buy a few sizes smaller than they need, which can cause problems. Buying too small a trainer squishes the abdomen too much, and can cause organ problems. Stomach and liver problems are common among those who do not purchase the right size corset, as well as decreased muscle tone and decreased breathing capacity. These can all be avoided as long as the trainers are worn correctly and safety for amazing results.


Safety is a huge part of making sure the corset does its job. If it is to tight (you have trouble breathing or pain in the abdomen), complications can and will occur. Please make sure you follow the sizing guide provided by the company to pick the best-suited trainer. Also, moderation is key. Consumers might start off wearing the trainer for too long of a period at the start. When starting off, try wearing the trainer before and during meals, often only 1-3 hours a day. As it becomes more comfortable to wear, the time can increase slowly until you are wearing it 12-24 hours a day, even if you are just wearing it at night while sleeping. If safety is used, the corset will be a fantastic tool to use for weight loss.

Waist Trainers are great for weight loss if used correctly. Thousands of people have had tried and true results from using the corsets, averaging about 1-7 inches off their waist. It has helped people beat BED and start their path towards healthy living. When even doctors are recommending waist trainers, you can tell its away, here to stay, for looking and feeling fantastic. Whether you’re looking for a more flattering figure and posture, or just trying to lose a few pounds, looking into a waist training corset will be very beneficial.

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