Waist Cincher Vest

Waist Cincher Vest: Pros and Cons

The first shaping garment evolved from the girdle of Babylonian times, and a woven belt goddess Ishtar wore for fertility. Medieval times saw the rise of the corset and its intricate lacing. Originally worn on the outside of one’s clothing, shapewear eventually served as undergarments. In the twentieth century, it was popular during the flapper era, when boyish figures were in vogue. Also though steadily and secretly shaping women’s (and men’s) bodies for decades, these garments were back in the public eye with Spanx in the 2000s. Nowadays they come in a variety of designs, including the waist cincher vest.

What is a Waist Cincher Vest?

Cinchers are usually fastened by front hook-and-eye closures and made of latex and cotton. Lighter cinchers create svelteness by bringing the midsection in by 1-2 inches. These are designed for everyday wear, to provide a uniformly slimming effect to the waist, back, and hips. They don’t cover the breasts, but wide shoulder straps provide support and lift for that area while hiding bra bulges.

Latex is a form of plastic and does not allow the skin to breathe. Latex cinchers for workouts are designed to burn fat around the abdomen and back by stimulating further perspiration and heat while one exercise. They should only be worn for a few hours, not extended periods.

Waist Cincher Vest Pros

Dressed in a cincher can help with posture and support the back, with its lighter compression of the midsection This area will also sweat more because of the nature of the fabric. The effects are similar to sauna suits, except more targeted. You will lose water weight. At the very least, wearing them provides a constant reminder to engage your core muscles during the day. Psychologically, it feels great and promotes confidence to look in the mirror and see a smooth silhouette, especially if you don’t have weeks to shape up before an event.

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Waist Cincher Vest Cons

You must also watch for dehydration. Extensive wear may also result in decreased muscle tone and atrophy in the abdomen and misshape that area. You may reduce blood flow to organs such as the liver, intestines, and kidneys, as well as be decreasing your lung capacity because organs are squished upwards. Of course, if you have difficulty breathing, exercising can be dangerous. This is why it is crucial not to wear a cincher that is too tight. For healthy and last results, keep a diet and exercise regimen. Otherwise, all you are losing is water weight. People with latex allergies should stick with cotton or wear the cincher on top of a tank top.

The waist cincher vest is a moderately priced, easy way to instantly shave a couple of inches from your abdomen, back, and hips. If you depend solely on a cincher to achieve weight loss, however, your efforts will only achieve cosmetic effects. It is important to get a properly fitting cincher and not to overdo it, lest you do actual, permanent damage to your body. As part of a regimen, it can bolster your confidence to continue and train your posture.

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