Vintage Corset Wedding Dresses

Vintage Corset Wedding Dresses

Ask any man who has married and had a wedding how much his wife wanted it to happen so that she can have the perfect dress for the perfect wedding. It is worldwide known that ladies love weddings especially if it is her wedding day. If you want your queen to have the attire during her wedding day, make an effort of buying her vintage corset wedding dresses. This wedding dress will make her look the queen you fell in love with. For my fellow bachelors, I know that some of you don’t know what a vintage corset wedding dress is, don’t worry most because in this article we are going to demystify what it is.

Vintage Corset Wedding Dress

Many people have seen a vintage corset wedding dress. A vintage corset wedding dress is a dress of marriage that doesn’t have straps that run over the shoulder of your lady. It is a dress that is tightened by use of a zipper at the back of the woman. They hold onto the breasts of the girl firmly thereby making them had to be removed. The other technique or style that is used when them, is having the zippers on the back replaced with laces that can be easily tightened.

Most people prefer to make their wedding dresses that have the design of a vintage corset. Most of the corsets that are made this way are 15 ½ inches long. One can decide to either make the corset short or make it long though most people prefer to make them long as seen in many weddings in recent times. The sides of the dress can measure two inches at the top of the dress, but this depends on the body size of the lady wearing it. The bottom of the corset usually measures 11/2 inches. These dimensions are the most common sizes among ladies.

For the panel length, most of the dresses measure 16 ¼ inches. This ensures that the lady is comfortable when she has worn the dress. Remember that this is her special day so everything must be up to standard. The worst thing can be that her wedding dress is a disaster on her special day. The top of the corset is another feature that makes a corset a darling to ladies. Most corsets have measurements of about 10 inches wide. This will cover the whole torso of your lady, and it will make her look attractive as always.

The bottom of the corset is the one that differs majorly on many vintage corsets. On most old wedding corsets you will find the bottom measuring about 6 inches wide. The modesty panel bottom part measures 3 ½ inches and the top modesty panel measures about 7 inches. These are the reasons that vintage wedding panel a darling to most ladies. If you want to put a smile on your lady on her wedding day, then buy her a vintage corset wedding dress.


It is known that ladies love weddings hence why not make your lady vintage corset wedding dresses. I assure that it will be worth every penny. Your queen will look like a goddess in it. It will also brighten up the mood of your wedding day due to many people liking the dress. Wedding corset dress has been found to make a wedding successful due to the approval of the families of both partners. The awesome feature about them is that you hire a tailor to make on for your lady.

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